Quality product with great support

I was delighted to discover BaxEDM as I was digging into building my own EDM power supply.    The amount of work that his generator has saved me is truly monumental!       I have enjoyed initial experiments with the machine and in every aspect I have tested sofar it is extremely well built and BaxEDM is incredibly responsive.      One instance impressed me very, very much:   I was interested in a single-shot mode,  in which it is possible to trigger individual EDM pulse discharges.   I spoke with Mike by email on a saturday morning, and on saturday afternoon he called me to let me know he had updated the firmware and that there was a software upgrade available for download to allow this functionality!     This kind of responsiveness is incredibly impressive and testifies to the excellent engineering design he has put into this system.   I would absolutely buy another unit from him-  in fact, I did:   I bought another generator for my work!