The good kind of sparks from electronics

In 2013 I built a small tabletop wire EDM just to see if I could and partly as I needed such a machine. No information was available, so had to improvise and built the machine around an Arduino working as a G code interpreter / machine controller and a very simple RC-type generator from scrap parts. It worked (, but was very slow and due to my limited knowledge the project stayed in that condition for years. I was about to rebuild a PWM type generator for myself and prototyped one which I wasn’t too fond of, so everything just halted for a couple of years.

Then a guy called Mike contacted me about building a wire EDM and in months he had a working machine and not soon after he announced that he has a generator capable of some serious output power and with advanced gap measurement. Decided to hop on the list of first-buyers and in December of 2018 got my generator in the mail with an assortment of other bits and pieces from the webshop and spent all the time I could spare from my free time to rebuild my electronics, recoding the Arduino and fitting the new generator on the wall above the machine.

First cuts didn’t exactly work as I had hoped, got some interference to my controller, but after a lengthy discussion of options and things to try to hone on the error source with Mikes awesome support, I got the machine cutting happily without issues! Really loving this, the ease of use and being confident that each spark is as supposed to be, I’m able to cut very fast, very accurately and in productive manner, so that I can offer wire EDM work for my customers.

Highly recommending this generator unit, it is built by a professional and it delivers what it promises! The customer support has been amazing to get things running smoothly and gotten some valuable advice on how to implement the generator in to my system. Definately worth every penny, especially for retrofitters.