C-arc controller

The C-arc controller is a digital control solution for controlling the tension and speed of EDM wire in a custom wire EDM machine. The controller works by reading out a load cell that senses the tension in the wire and outputs the setpoints for the wire tension and wire speed servos in the C-arc.


  • Digital control
  • Industrial optically isolated RS-485 interface, with configurable termination
  • Integrated high bandwidth load cell amplifier, with high robustness against EMC radiation from EDM
  • Fully configurable PID+ controller for tension force control
  • Calibration feature for wire tension
  • Calibration feature for wire speed
  • Supports multiple servo types (see manual for details)
  • Easy to understand graphical PC user interface
  • Can also be operated with a simple serial terminal and human readable ASCII commands
  • Digital isolated enable/disable wire control input
  • Automatic wire break detection and signalling by an optically isolated digital output
  • Memory for flashing default settings
  • Load cell offset compensation adjustment
  • Update firmware through a standard USB cable
  • Full metal shielded enclosure