Post processor for Autodesk Fusion 360

Updated 10th of April 2024.
A new post processor for fusion 360 and BaxEDM has landed, specifically for use with LinuxCNC.

You can download the post processor for LinuxCNC here.

With this post processor, you can fill-in the EDM machine parameters, these will then be added to your CNC G-code:

Legacy Fusion360 post processor for use with Dynomotion

Download the post processor for fusion 360 2D Wire-EDM machining with dynomotion CNC here.

This post processor was created from a default laser cutting post processor with the following modifications to make it suitable for 2D Wire-EDM with Dynomotion CNC:

-Removed all Z-axis moves (2D wire EDM machining only uses X and Y)
-Changed all G0 moves to G1 moves
-Removed G28 lines
-Changed the formatting of comments
-Removed all laser related parameters
-Added M30 to the end of the file
-Removed M107 and M108 commands
-Removed tool switch T commands, as for EDM only one tool is used
-Renamed some user defined parameters
-Changed default feed rate to 50mm/min (the EDM machine should find its own feed rate, but its always good to start from the same initial rate).