Happy user – 4300+ Hours operation so far

I’m using the BX17 arc generator to wire-EDM machine parts for model engineering. I am the first customer of BAXEDM and purchased my generator about 1.5 year ago. So far I have machined with the generator for 4300+ hours without any problems and have been able to make many parts. About 10 years ago I build the first home build wire EDM machine and also build my own generator, however when the BAXEDM generator became available I decided to purchase one because it was more advanced and powerful than mine, since my competence lies in mechanics and not in electronics. I’m a really happy user, the only downside I can think of is that the BX17 was hard to integrate into my existing CNC solution, as my CNC control cannot move backwards. The design of the BX17 is such that it is only easy to implement with CNC controllers that can move backwards e.g. Dynomotion. This is a downside for me.