Can the BX17 arc generator also be used for EDM drilling and sinking?

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The example EDM machine from BaxEDM is a wire cutting machine, but the BX17 can also be used for other EDM applications.
For instance, the popular Youtube channel Applied Science has built an EDM drilling machine with the BX17 arc generator:

The BX17 can also be used for die-sinking EDM. Note that the BX17 is intended for small shops and therefore does not require 3-phase mains. The BX17 is therefore a medium power generator. Medium power is more than sufficient for wire cutting, EDM drilling and sinking with small electrodes. For large surface area electrodes in EDM sinking, very high power industrial size generators are normally required for fast sinking, for such an application the BX17 is less suited. It will work however, but will take more time to make a cut.

It is important to note that the BX17 is an arc generator only. It cannot drive stepper and/or servo motors. For that, a (CNC) control solution is required in combination with the BX17. The BaxEDM YouTube tutorial series on DIY EDM explains this in all detail.

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